“I would like to try and get a dev log out every one – two weeks, basically whenever I have anything substantial ready to share…”

Well… That went well, didn’t it?

Welcome to a new dev log post! A lot has happened over the past few months and though unfortunately that wasn’t on the project, this is something I hope to change from now on. I’ve mostly been working on uni projects which have ate up a lot of my time but I’m really happy with how they turned out. The first big project I finished was a HTML5 dungeon crawler game, where the player would enter the dungeon, collect as much loot as they could and then escape within the time limit. Here are a couple of screenshots of the homepage and the game itself:

The second big project I worked on was for my User Experience Design module where I created an interactive exhibit for a museum, focusing on the subject of stained glass and the meanings behind the symbols and their colours. I created an AR simulation in Unity where users could see choices through the tablet around the stained glass which they must decide on to progress through the story. The decisions made in the story generates a crest on the bigger glass which has specific colours and symbols depending on the choices made. I may upload this to itch.io in the future but in the meantime, here are some screenshots from the project:

While all of this was happening, though I did not get much done in terms of the Unity project, I still was thinking about the design of the game, so I thought as a start to a (hopefully) new schedule of more frequent updates, I’d share my new thoughts on the current idea of the game.

What new ideas do I have for What Goes Around?

Settings – I’ve thought a bit more about what settings or areas I want to include in the game. In total, I would like to have perhaps 5 settings minimum. I want to keep the scrapyard as one of the starting settings because it works with the current story but I may make it so that there are underground sections linked within this area as a secret area of the map. I also want to expand on the robot level that was in my first prototype – I think it’s an interesting environment to play around with the mechanics of the game and also it’s just fun to draw all of the wires and technical bits hidden inside the robot. Then, there should be an area in between the robot and the city, potentially I was thinking of a sewer could be fun and introduce other dangers that have not been seen before like liquids and actual enemies. Then finally through the city or the town to find his best friend’s home.

Collectibles – I would like to have some form of collectibles in the game. I didn’t want to have a score because there’s not really any combat or ways that I can think would fairly score the player or that would score them individually so that in the end they all wouldn’t end up with the same score. I may keep record of the number or turns they make throughout the game but that’s still undecided. As for the collectibles, I was thinking maybe little floppy disks or memory files which I.N.D.I.E has saved his favourite memories of being with his friend. I think this is a good incentive to collect these as it brings the player relationship between themselves and his friend closer and could perhaps give them more motivation to get back to his friend. Some of these will be easy to find so the player first knows they exist but then most will be hidden and they must use the rotation mechanic to find them.

Levels – In the last dev log, I talked about scrapping the idea of square levels completely but after thinking about it more, I think I’m still going to include some square levels in the game, but rather than have an area full of them, I may just make small sections like the secret cave areas in the scrapyard which resemble the old level design.

Colour palettes – I’ve thought about making slight changes to the colour palette of What Goes Around. Having a set colour palette would keep the areas consistent but I don’t have a lot of experience in creating a large colour palettes. So, I thought I would use a one from an artist who I’ve used their colour palettes for previous projects and I love their own work and they have recently released a new 64 colour palette called ENDESGA64. To find that palette and more visit   on Twitter.

What’s the (actual) plan for this week?

I want to carry on with getting the basics done in Unity. I didn’t get a lot done (only basic player movements and jumping) but hopefully have something bigger to share next week! Also, I need to catch up on a lot of GDC talks from this year. (I may recommend my favourite ones in next week’s post or on my Twitter).


Until next time! (Hopefully next week :’) )

Dev Log 1 – Deadlines, Delays and Development

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