This is just a quick update to show what I have so far in the Unity Project. There is basic movement with the WASD keys and a double jump with the space key. When you jump a second time you freeze in the air and can rotate some blocks/parts of the environment. Had a lot of trouble using a rigidbody on the player and it getting stuck on the sides of walls so I switched to using raycasts which makes it a lot better, but that’s what I spent most of the week doing switching stuff around. You can see what that looks like in the video here:

GDC Talks I’ve listened to this week

As promised from last week’s post, these are a couple of the GDC talks that I have listened to this week:

Good Game Design is like a magic trick 

This one was actually recommended to me after an interview I did for a placement position in Game Design and I’m glad I got recommended it. So many neat little tricks that I didn’t even realise were implemented to make it easier for me to play the games I love!

Level Design Workshop: Designing Celeste

Haven’t played the game yet (but I really need to!) , but I have always been curious as to how they structured the levels and how they managed to make so many levels that flow so well together. I found it interesting how he described each level as being a story that was being told and how the game is structured around telling these stories in a cohesive way. I might try and think about the structure of my levels for What Goes Around in a similar way.

What’s the plan for next week?

  • Add a transition between different orientations of the object so that it gradually rotates rather than immediately changing.
  • (Maybe) Add a walking animation.
  • Work more on the test level to implement other objects like moving platforms and maybe a boulder/other physics based item.

See you next week!

Dev Log 2 – Basic Movement and Rotations!

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