Hi! My name is Jade and I am a second year undergraduate currently studying BSc Interactive Media.

I’ve had an interest in video games from a very young age. I started playing them out of curiosity, then to socialise with friends and keep in contact with them, and now I have started the exciting journey into games design and development.

I have always been very curious as to how video games were made, but I never knew where or how to start making them. The course that I am studying now has given me the opportunity and guidance to start making my own games as projects for the modules and as personal projects. I’ve also started to try out Game Jams whenever I can and I’ve worked on both solo projects and group submissions.

I’m also really passionate about digital art in particular, pixel and trixel art. I use Marmoset Hexels 3 and I’ve started to practice this in between studying and making What Goes Around through pixel dailies and other doodles that will be posted on my twitter.