I’ve been playing games for over ten years now, but I have only recently started developing games over the past year, here are some of my favourite projects from both my course modules and outside of study.

What Goes Around

What Goes Around is a puzzle platformer where you play as a robot called I.N.D.I.E who can rotate the levels around him to help him find a pathway to escape the scrapyard and find his best friend again. The final prototype I made for my course has 8 levels, but I hope to develop this idea further into a full game in the future. You can see the development of this game in my dev log.

Speedy Security

Speedy Security was my entry to the LudumDare39 Game Jam. The theme was running out of power so I created an endless runner where the player keep collecting the batteries in order to keep the security robot that they play powered. The game was made in GameMaker and all of the art was created in Marmoset Hexels. I hope to do more game Jams in the future, both working solo and in a group and when I complete a jam, I’ll post it on the site!

Sketch What You See

Sketch What You See is the first oppurtunity I had to work in Unity. It is an adventure puzzle game where the player, Lily, has recieved instructions to take a notebook passed down from her grandma to a park and match the sketches to her surroundings. However, the sketches don’t always completely match up…




Time Squad

This was a game jam entry I helped create in a team of two for the first GamesPlusJames community game jam. Time squad is a 2D platformer where you collect time crystals and chase your past self back to your ship. Art and animation by myself, programming by Matthew Shepherd .