Before I started developing games, I worked on a few design projects as part of courses I went on in high school, part of enrichment time in A-Levels and personal projects.

T.I.C.E Re-Brand

This is a task that I was assigned as the project for the final stage of a course called This is Creative Enterprise. The brief instructed us to re-brand the company by redesigning the Logo and applying it in various mock-ups such as a mobile app, front web-page and merchandise.








StudyStudent – App Design

Personal project to experiment with logo and UI design. An app to help student monitor their progress on mock exams and practice tests. There are also features which help the student stay organised by using to-do lists and pomodorro timers This is a logo with a mock-up of how the app would look on both a mobile and a tablet.




Flyer Re-Design

Poster and flyer designs I made to help promote the A-level ICT course at my high school. I was asked to redesign a flyer used for open evenings for prospective students and create posters for a display to show quotes about technology.




UX Design

In the second year of my degree, I completed a module called User Experience Design. In this module I learned a lot about the fundamentals of designing engaging user experiences and had the opportunity to create a few prototypes to showcase what I learnt about

Study Space for Students Using the Library

A students’ work routine often revolves around visiting the library however around certain times of the year, especially around exam time, it can be difficult for students to find a suitable study space. There is a section on the University of York website about how full each floor in the library is, but this does not show specifically where the spare study spaces are on each floor, which can prove to be problematic if they need to work in groups or want to study alongside their friends. After gathering data about students’ experience with the library through questionnaires and interviews, I decided to design a mobile app that uses a similar system to what is on the website but goes further in depth to show specifically which desks are available on each individual floor. The app would also include two different timers, one for recording how long they study for and the other to keep track of how long their break is if they have moved away from their desk.